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Get Stronger & Healthier in Just 15 Minutes a Week. Period.

ALL-IN-15 helps you maximize your quality of life by building strength efficiently through eccentric training and revolutionary technology, all in 15 minutes per week. Giving you back the time and physical ability to live life to the max!

Our approach is backed by research, which proves eccentric training is the best and most efficient way to build muscle and bone mass, the two foundations of good health and quality of life.

In every 15-minute session, ALL-IN-15 safely stresses your muscles to their max, giving you EXPONENTIAL results in a fraction of the time. 

What Are Eccentrics?

Eccentric training builds muscle in the negative or lowering phase. Through eccentrics, your body can load 2x more weight than traditional strength training, improving strength, power, and speed performance. 

ALL-IN-15 uses specialized, state-of-the-art Kineo Intelligent Load machines for effective and safe eccentric training, helping you achieve results you can’t get in a regular gym.


No matter your age, you can achieve results at ALL-IN-15. Our clients range in age from 13 to 95.

All you need is one 15-minute session a week to:

  • Increase functional strength
  • Improve mobility, flexibility, balance, and posture
  • Enhance power and athletic performance
  • Improve bone, tendon, and ligament density, decreasing overall risk of injury
  • Reduce joint pain, aches, and fatigue
  • Keep doing all the things you love - even better
  • Gain greater longevity
  • Improve your quality of life!

10 Reasons Eccentric Training is Superior

Eccentric Training:

1.     Increases Lean Body Mass (Bone, Tendon, Ligament, Muscle)

2.     Allows You to Load 2x More Weight to Build Strength Fast

3.     Cannot Be Done Effectively in a Traditional Weight Room

4.     Engages Your Central Nervous System (Concentric Training Does Not)

5.     Re-engage Neuromuscular Pathways (To Engage Muscles Correctly)

6.     Lowers Injury Risk (By Improving the Body’s Ability to Absorb Force)

7.     Requires Less Oxygen/Low Metabolic Phase of Lift

8.     Creates A More Powerful Concentric Contraction

9.     Maximizes Your Strength in The Shortest Amount Of Time

10. Is The BEST Way to Train

Why ALL-IN-15?

ALL-IN-15 is your whole strength regimen for the year; if you come to ALL-IN-15 once a week, you don't need to step into a gym, go to a personal trainer, or lift weights ever again.

One session with us will yield better strength results than going to the gym every day. It should sound too good to be true, so we offer a one-time free evaluation for new clients so you can experience the future of building strength.