“All-In-15 is the BEST decision I’ve made for my health and my life. It is the ‘Yes’ you will be

forever grateful for! It’s hands-down the best gym to reach your goals.”

– Alicia, Windsor, CO

“I don’t think another workout exists that is more efficient at building muscle in the amount of

time dedicated to working out. If you value your time, you will value All in 15.” 

– Derek, Windsor, CO

“The combination of cutting-edge, scientific workout equipment and John's expertise as a personal trainer has not only slowed the aging process (I am in my 60s), but has restored and improved my core strength and balance. Until I experienced the workout and the positive results, I could not have been convinced that working out for a few minutes once a week was a feasible reality for fitness. Now, almost two years later, I am a firm believer.”

- Luke, Windsor, CO

“I’m a better athlete and can change direction and reach top speed much quicker than before working with All-In-15. It’s a great place to go, whether you’re an athlete or someone who wants to work on making your body move more efficiently. It has made me the best athlete I can be and has changed my athletic career!”

- Riley, Fort Collins, CO


"My experience at All in 15 has been incredible so far! It was recommended to me by a podiatrist who was treating me for a calf tear that stemmed from a glute imbalance. I've been working for five weeks now on strengthening my glutes and seeing incredible results. The trainers are wonderful, and they tailor each session to your goals and abilities. The workouts are fun but challenging! The machines they have are very unique and help me activate muscles that I haven't been able to do going to the gym on my own."

- Cassidy White, Windsor, CO

"Great system to test yourself. As an ex-athlete of a certain age, the fit-tech world is real, and a 15-minute session is definitely an "ALL IN" experience. John makes the sessions personal and helps keep you on track. Highly recommended!"

- Scott Westcoat, Windsor, CO

"I started seeing John due to a lack of symmetrical strength throughout my posterior chain and have been able to resume activities with a lack of pain caused by muscle imbalances. I highly recommend All in 15!"

- Dustin Christy, Windsor, CO

"This place is truly one of a kind. As a sports chiropractor it's essential to train during the eccentric phase to not only get stronger but to prevent injuries. John does an incredible job of explaining the entire process and builds a custom training plan that fits your needs. I highly recommend All in 15!"

- John Kuruc, Windsor, CO